Committee Involvement

HYPE’s committees develop most of the programs and activities that HYPE hosts throughout the year with each committee managing a major programming theme and/or activity defined by our strategic plan.

These committees have always been a place for innovative ideas, energy and flexibility within the framework of the strategic plan. We want to utilize our members’ skills, interests, talents and contacts to help us move forward.

Committees perform their work through a mix of in-person meetings, conference calls and virtual work through Basecamp, our project management tool.

To join the Civic Engagement or Community Involvement Committee, contact Executive Director Kim Bishop

To join the Personal & Professional Development or Social Ambassadors Committee, contact HYPE Interim Program Director Mia Sinatro.

Executive Committee
This group is comprised of HYPE's appointed leadership and staff to ensure effective, efficient and cohesive functionality of HYPE’s volunteer committees. 

Civic Engagement Committee
This committee gets involved in Hartford and in the Greater Hartford Region to focus on issues that are important to HYPE’s membership and mission.

Community Involvement Committee
The Community Involvement Committee is responsible for implementing events that engage and empower HYPE’s members through meaningful service and leadership opportunities.

Personal and Professional Development Committee
Through the Personal and Professional Development Committee, new programs, events and resources are developed to enrich members’ lives.

Social Ambassadors Committee
The Social Ambassadors Committee oversees our monthly Get HYPEd networking events and other experiences that support arts, culture, and entertainment in the region, to grow, diversify, and engage  HYPE’s membership.

Leadership Appointments
Find out the rules, procedures and important dates that affect nominations and appointments of our volunteer leaders.