Ambassadors Committee

One of the biggest and most important assets of HYPE is our Membership. We currently have over 4,000 members and that number grows each day. The Ambassadors Committee was formed to help continue the growth of our membership by helping to spread the word about HYPE and the great things our organization is doing. We're also tasked with creating engaging social media contests and other various programs to keep the current members engaged and active.

We use HYPE’s programs and events to engage and retain current members while attracting new ones. Ambassadors promote HYPE within their own organizations, and externally to friends and colleagues. We also coordinate and execute quarterly New Member Welcomes for anyone who signs up to be a member during that period. The Ambassadors Committee is looking for people who enjoy everything that HYPE has to offer, and want to help get others to join and to keep current members engaged.
In 2018 the Ambassadors Committee will continue to focus on building connections made with the MetroHartford Alliance Leadership Investors and Strategic Partners through The HYPEr Link Program. Our goal will be to use these connections to spread the word about HYPE in these companies and organizations which will help HYPE grow, and engage new employees as well as current HYPEsters. 

We meet monthly in person or via conference call, and communicate by email and Basecamp (a project management tool) when needed.

In 2019, the Ambassadors Committee will merge with the Social Events Committee to form The Social Ambassadors Committee. The important work of both of these committees has become increasingly aligned over the years, so merging them together will increase both efficiency and impact. This newly formed committee will create an even stronger platform for its participants to grow, diversify, and engage HYPE’s membership.

Jocelyn Hillard Headshot Website
Jocelyn Hillard
Vice Chair of Ambassadors