Leadership Positions

HYPE leadership positions provide opportunities to support the organization in its mission and strategic goals. While they require serious time commitments, the rewards are even more significant.  Individuals appointed to HYPE leadership positions receive exclusive leadership training, access to and exposure within the Greater Hartford Business Community, and free admission to all non-fundraising HYPE events during their term.

The HYPE volunteer leadership team consists of the HYPE Chair, HYPE Chair Elect, and four Vice Chairs who each lead one of HYPE's volunteer committees.

HYPE Chair

The HYPE Chair is the highest volunteer position within HYPE with a term of 1 year. This role is appointed on an annual basis with the expectation that the Chair-Elect will assume the role of HYPE Chair following the conclusion of the current Chair’s term.

Skills Required

  • Dependable
  • Self-motivated
  • Strong personal accountability
  • Superior communication abilities, both written and interpersonal
  • Current or past leadership experiences strongly encouraged
  • Broad knowledge about the Greater Hartford Region
  • Extensive previous experience on a HYPE Committee and demonstration of active participation


  • Support HYPE in meeting its stated strategic plan, mission and goals
  • Attend as many HYPE and Alliance events as possible
  • Work with HYPE staff to plan and run monthly Executive Committee meetings
  • Lead by example in using Basecamp to coordinate, track and update information from meetings and projects
  • Provide guidance to other committee chairs and leadership as needed
  • Act as spokesperson and represent HYPE in various ways, including interviews, meetings, forums, etc.
  • Effectively and accurately communicate the history, mission, structure, and goals of HYPE, and how they fit into the larger context of the Alliance/City/Region
  • Assist in recruiting new leadership candidates to ensure a strong succession plan


  • Obvious passion for HYPE’s mission and strategic plan
  • To work effectively and efficiently with the Metro Hartford Alliance, HYPE Chair-Elect, HYPE Executive Director and all Committee Vice Chairs
  • Flexibility and availability for meetings, phone calls, etc.
  • Willingness to act as a point person to assist other HYPE volunteers, members and interested parties as a source of information about the organization, its direction, structure and strategic plan
  • Able and willing to take on special projects, as necessary, throughout the year

HYPE Chair-Elect

The Chair-Elect position is structured to add continuity at the highest level of leadership within HYPE. The position of HYPE Chair has grown in complexity during HYPE’s evolution and will continue to develop as we implement our strategic plan and take on a bigger role in the Region.

The candidate selected will work closely with our 2021 Chair through December 2021 and assume the Chair role on January 1, 2022. The 1-year term of the Chair-Elect should be utilized to observe, learn and assist the Chair, HYPE staff and other Alliance staff in promoting and representing HYPE in a variety of capacities before assuming the Chair role for an additional 1 year term.

The HYPE Chair-Elect position carries the same requirements as the Chair position while demanding more scheduling flexibility. The Chair-Elect is required to attend most, but not all, events while assisting the Chair with duties, projects, events and meetings, as necessary.

Committee Vice Chair

The Vice Chair position is an elected position within HYPE with a 1-year term. Vice Chairs oversee the workings of their respective committees (Community Involvement, Civic Engagement, Personal & Professional Development, and Social Ambassadors) and act as the point person for information about their respective committee to all interested parties.

Vice Chairs are part of HYPE’s leadership and are given a seat on the Executive Committee with the Executive Director, HYPE Chair, HYPE Chair Elect, other Committee Vice Chairs. Vice Chairs’ main objective is to effectively and efficiently oversee the operations and activities of their respective committee to best meet HYPE’s stated mission, goals and strategic plan. They will be tasked to do so through the implementation of various initiatives, partnerships, programming and activities that they will have proposed and refined during the election process and immediately after as the Vice Chair.

In addition, they will look to work with other HYPE committees, as necessary, to create a cohesive nature to our work.


  • Dependable
  • Self-motivated
  • Strong personal accountability
  • Superior communication skills, both written and interpersonal


  • Plan, hold and run necessary Committee meetings, calls, etc. to effectively meet Committee goals and projects
  • Attend monthly Executive Committee meetings and be prepared to address any agenda items as requested by the HYPE Chair or Executive Director
  • Effectively utilize Basecamp to record and post Committee meeting minutes, create and post necessary Committee projects and manage member tasks to effectively complete Committee work and to provide a single portal for all HYPE Committees to be able to monitor and follow progress of work to date


  • Extensive previous participation and work on any HYPE Committee
  • Willingness to provide guidance and leadership to Committee Volunteers
  • Willingness to act as a point of contact for information related to the work of the Committee

For more information about HYPE leadership positions, please contact Executive Director Kim Bishop at kbishop@metrohartford.com