Member of the Month

June 2014 Member Spotlight Amee Parikh


Age:  31

HYPE Member Since:

Employer: Cognizant

Industry/Job Title: Health Insurance-IT/Senior Consultant

What she does: I work with health insurance businesses to understand what information or decisions they can get out of available data.  I enjoy trying to connect the power of data to the use in day-to-day decision making. I hold a Bachelors in Computer Engineering and a MBA degree. The MBA helped me think more from the strategy, finance and economics part of business decisions.  My background in technology plus business helps me ask business specific questions, and work through the use of data to make decisions. 

Future Aspirations:
 I would like to be able to use my experience, skills and network to build a team and products that aim towards general public welfare including access to healthcare, educated and preventative care, better access to education and better lifestyles in limited income.  Another side of me wants to start a café/bookstore blend and chat with customers all day long and make different kinds of tea, coffee and snacks. 

Fun Facts about Amee: If I could have 3 magic powers I would want to travel far without spending money, be able to communicate in all languages and lastly make everything recyclable!

Contact Info: