Member of the Month

Aaron Eicoff

HYPE Member Since:

van Zelm Engineers

Age: 28

Job Title:
Senior Mechanical Consultant

Committee Member On: Personal & Professional Development

What he does for work:

I work as a mechanical engineering consultant, and I specialize in the power and energy sector. I enjoy helping our clients reduce their energy costs either through conservation measures or by creating on-site generation. I was heavily involved in developing a boutique power plant at Tufts University which reduced the university’s operating costs and carbon footprint. Our firm has also served as a consultant to University of Bridgeport on their fuel cell project and Aetna on their boiler plant renovation.

What he loves about the Hartford region is:

When I moved from New York City to Hartford, I certainly did not expect to find such a thriving metropolis. Now I have more events on my calendar than I can possibly attend.  HYPE has certainly been a conduit to finding activities in the area. The Hartford area also has an impressive array of MMA gyms, yoga studios, indoor and outdoor volleyball, among other after-work activities. I’ve also enjoyed the variety of cuisines offered by the area’s restaurants – it leaves nothing to be desired.

His favorite thing about HYPE is: 

My favorite thing about HYPE is HYPE Cup. The opportunity to act like a kid again and play some “PE” games with other young adults has been really fun. Also part of the program are abundant volunteer chances to help this wonderful community.

His hobbies and interests outside of work are: 

I have a lot of hobbies and interests. On a daily basis, I enjoy cooking, weight lifting, training in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and practicing yoga. In the summer, I play a lot of outdoor volleyball, and in the winter I like to go skiing.  I’ve also recently become an equestrian.

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