Member of the Month

Aaron Knight

HYPE Member Since:

Age: 33

State of Connecticut, Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD)

Job Title: Business Development Project Manager

Committee Member On: Ambassadors and Social Events

What he does for work:

I am employed by the State of Connecticut in the Office International Business Development. In my role, I work in support of the State’s International development strategy to encourage international businesses to expand their operations into the U.S., provide support to state companies in matters of trade, and support various protocol activities on behalf of the state. I also serve as the department’s lead on working with Connecticut’s fuel cell companies in matter of policy and trade.

I like what I do because every day is different. Things can get fast paced and hectic but never boring. I enjoy being able to use problem solving skills and seeing a project like a trade show or an event successfully executed to promote all that Connecticut has to offer. The work that we do helps the economy and creates good paying jobs for Connecticut residents.

His favorite thing about HYPE is: 

I like that HYPE gives people a sense of community that they may be lacking. Especially for people new to Connecticut or new to the Hartford area. As someone originally from Waterbury who moved to Hartford 4 years ago, HYPE has helped me increase the number of people I know living and working in the area.

His hobbies or interests outside of work are: 

I'm an avid sports fan. Especially, Uconn Men's Basketball and the Dallas Cowboys. I enjoy cooking. And I like catching live music whether in Hartford or when I’m traveling.

If someone gave him one million dollars he would: 

The running joke at my office was if I won the $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot this past year, I’d personally fund all the projects that I’m working on because that’d be the only way for me to clear all the files off my desk! Since a million dollars won’t quite accomplish that task, I'd have to do the boring stuff first like pay off the mortgage, student loans and invest some of it. With what’s left I’d take the opportunity to travel, help out family, and look into purchasing a vacation property somewhere.

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