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Alex Koenigsberg

January 2012 Member Spotlight

HYPE Member Since: 2011

Employer: HYPE

Industry/Job Title: Event Coordinator

What he does: I recently started (October 2011) as an Event Coordinator, working with Julie Daly for HYPE. HYPE is an initiative of the MetroHartford Alliance to help young professionals in the area become better engaged in the community and expand their social and professional opportunities. Our ultimate goal is positioning Hartford as one of the top regions for young professionals and entrepreneurs to live, work, and spend time.

Future Aspirations: I have almost a decade experience running one of the largest dart tournaments in the country and would like to use my experiences there as well as what I am learning through HYPE to further my career in event coordination.  As I continue to master the trade I see myself coordinating larger events, perhaps at the XL Center or Comcast Theatre. I also have a plethora of entrepreneurial ideas that one of these days I will actually give the time and attention that they need. Aside from work, I aspire to become a homeowner, learn another language,  and do a lot of traveling.  I also would like to get a little more involved in local politics and maybe one day even run for a position.

If I had a million dollars: I’d be rich.

Contact Info: or 860-728-2283

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