Member of the Month

Alisha C. Pierce

HYPE Member Since:

Employer: The Travelers, Inc.

Job Title: Associate Manager

Committee Member On: Ambassadors

What she does for work:

I have the privilege of being an Associate Field Product Line Manager in the Auto line of business at Travelers. I am responsible for leading and developing unit managers who lead teams of claim professionals that handle first and third party auto and homeowner’s liability claims. I have a responsibility of nearly a quarter million dollars in annual expenditures.  My favorite part about the job is attracting, developing and retaining top talent. I get to interview the brightest candidates in the industry with the intent of finding the best candidates for my organization. It is very rewarding to see individuals grow within the company, and it is fulfilling to know that my leadership played a part in their development.

Her favorite thing about HYPE is:

My favorite thing about HYPE is that at every event I learn something new about Hartford, CT. This occurs through my interaction with various professionals from different industries-who are natives of CT and who are thusly very familiar with the area. I also learn from the unique places that each event is held. Since I have only lived in the Hartford area for a little over a year, I am still exploring all that this city has to offer. I value every nugget I receive and HYPE continues to deliver!

If someone gave her one million dollars she would:

If someone gave me a million dollars-and after getting over the shock of the same-I would first give Thanks! Next I would splurge on something meaningful to me.  I would then give a portion of the proceeds away to those in need. Finally, I would put a large sum of the money away for a rainy day.

Her hobbies or interests outside of work are:

During my spare time I enjoy salsa dancing, traveling around the globe and I also have recently started to collect vinyl. It is my goal to buy a new record from each of my travel destinations with the hopes that my collection will ultimately tell the story of my life’s journey.

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