Member of the Month

Alison M. Valerie

October 2012 Member Spotlight

HYPE Member Since:  2005

Employer: MassMutual

Industry/Job Title:  Retirement Services Marketing and Communications

What she does: I communicate to participants of MassMutual retirement plans, through either print or email marketing materials, the importance of saving for retirement and encourage them to take action towards that.

I have been in many variations of Marketing for the past 12 years. I graduated with a BS in Textile marketing from the University of Rhode Island and have continued attending seminars and to keep up with the changing trends of marketing, communications and consumers.

Future Aspirations:  To have a vacation home to enjoy with family and friends.

Her dream vacation would be:  Looking forward to my hubby & I’s honeymoon to Australia this November. Biggest trip we’ve planned, and hoping for many more in the future!

If I could have 3 magic powers they would be: 

  • To be invisible
  • To read minds
  • To time travel
Contact Info: