Member of the Month

Amanda Trothier

HYPE Member Since:

Partnership for Strong Communities

Age: 28

Job Title:
Development and Communications Associate

Committee Member On: Civic Engagement and Community Involvement

What she does for work:

I am the Development and Communications Associate at Partnership for Strong Communities, a statewide nonprofit policy and advocacy organization dedicated to ending homelessness, expanding the creation of affordable housing, and building strong communities in Connecticut. My job consists of upkeep of our website, blog series, social media sites, and databases. I also assist with fundraising efforts; events, grant proposals, sponsorship's, e-news, and cause marketing campaigns. My favorite aspect of working at the Partnership is the overall office environment. There is a strong sense of passion, and dedication to reach our goals, and all members of the team are truly advocates of those served through our efforts as well as one another.

What she loves about the Hartford region is:

Before working in Hartford I had heard many negative opinions from friends and family about the city. However, working in Frog Hollow and being an active member of HYPE have completely changed any preconceived views that I had and have turned me into an advocate of the city. Throughout the 17 neighborhoods in Hartford I’ve come to find numerous hole-in-the-wall lunch locations, small coffee shops and a strong sense of community! I love that Hartford has so many hidden gems.

Her favorite thing about HYPE is: 

My favorite thing about HYPE is having the opportunity to network through involvement in the local community as a volunteer and/or attending HYPE events, which allows me to learn more about the greater Hartford area. Learning about Hartford was the original reason why I joined HYPE, shortly after starting my job in the city.

Where she sees herself in 5 years is: 

In the next 5-10 years I will apply for, get accepted to and complete a Master’s in Public Administration and/or in Social Work at UConn. Through obtaining my Masters I will take the next step in my career path, in hopes to be in a leadership role in the social sector.  I plan to continue running, increase my distance and pace, and work up to running a full marathon. I look forward to traveling and taking adventures here in the U.S. and abroad, and fill my passport with many new stamps! I am enthusiastic that the next ten will be even better than the last ten, cheers to the next ten years and all the amazing adventures they will bring.

Contact Info: or 860-906-6494