Member of the Month

Andrea Hartman

July 2018

HYPE Member Since: 2015

Age: 37

Committee Member On: Civic Engagement

She loves the Hartford region because:

I've now lived in 11 different cities and towns since graduating from undergrad (yikes!), so I feel like I do have a pretty good sense of what I'm looking for in a community. I love Hartford's walkability (I haven't owned a car in over 5 years!), diversity, arts scene/history, and NE-style intellectual openness. I moved here from Boston about 3 years ago, so I also appreciate the relative affordability of housing (both rental and owned). Lastly, I enjoy how involved so many people are (especially those who have chosen to live in Hartford itself) in trying to make a difference in their local community, often at the neighborhood level.

Her favorite thing about HYPE is:
Like many folks in Hartford, I moved here to work in the healthcare sector, so I have appreciated the opportunity to get to know folks in a more diverse set of for- and non-profit sectors in the Hartford area.

She is currently reading: I'm in the middle of Barbara Ehrenreich's "Natural Causes," which is an interesting read, both as just a general member of American society and as someone who's spent several years either directly or peripherally working in the healthcare sector. 

Her hobbies/interests outside of work are:

I try to stay very involved in the community in a range of ways, both via HYPE and through other local organizations. I spent nearly 5 years after my MBA traveling every week in a management consulting role, which was very interesting from a work perspective, but obviously not so hot from a community-involvement perspective, so I'm trying to make up for lost time! I volunteer as a tour guide with the Bushnell Park Foundation, do mentoring/math tutoring through the United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut, participate in various advocacy efforts for local women's causes, stay involved with the Hartford Marathon Foundation (both as a runner and as a volunteer), and attend as many local arts-related events as I can squeeze in! 

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