Member of the Month

Andrew Stipicevic

HYPE Member Since:

Barnum Financial

Job Title:
Financial Representative

Committee Member On: Community Involvement

His favorite thing about HYPE is:

If I had to pick one thing I like about HYPE, it would be the events that they host. There is always something to do and I have yet to be disappointed. Whether it’s a networking event, signature events like Tee It Up for Charity at the Travelers Championship, participating in Dragon Boat racing, or any of their other great events, HYPE is always a blast. The events highlight different areas in Hartford, so I get to learn more about the area, which I think is pretty cool. I have only been a part of HYPE for about 8 months now and I’ve learned a ton about Hartford just by going to HYPE events.

If he won a million dollars he would:

If I won a million dollars, I’d open a restaurant. I’ve always loved to cook. Right now, it’s only been something I enjoy after work so it would be nice to do it for a living. When I was younger I was very picky about what food I ate and when I got older I realized that you can make food taste better by cooking it a certain way. This sparked my interest because now it’s almost a game in how can I make these ingredients taste good. It’s fun, interesting, and at the end, you get to eat. What’s better than that?

In 5 years he sees himself doing: 

 I would like to own a business at some point, so in 5 years I’d like to get a business up and running. Currently I’ve been thinking about opening the restaurant, but in 10 years I see myself running a business well enough for me to start opening other locations, or be able to open a different type of restaurant. The part I’m having trouble with in these early stages is trying to figure out what I need to do to start. Each restaurant is different and there are a lot of things that can be overlooked when beginning. So these first 5 years are going to be figuring that out and coming up with capital to start, and the following 5 years are going to be perfecting that business and trying to expand.

His hobbies and interests outside of work are: 

My hobbies and interests outside of work boil down to two things: Cars and Skydiving. I have the passion for cars from my dad. We would always go to the local car show, watch races on TV and take rides in his cars. To me, the car culture is the ultimate experience. It involves all of your senses, and really engulfs you into the experience. The easiest way to get me talking is to mention anything automotive. This is the way to my heart. My other interest is a bit unique, because only a handful of people understand why I would jump out of a “perfectly good” airplane. Sure the adrenaline rush is there, but like any sport, skydiving is more fun with others. There are so many things to do in the sky that it never gets boring. I started jumping when I was a sophomore at UConn and have over 350 jumps to date. It’s one of the experiences that I think everyone should have at least once.

Contact Info: 203-241-0638