Member of the Month

Brian Joel Waddell

October 2014

Name: Brian Joel Waddell

HYPE Member Since:  2009

Employer: The New England Financial Group, LLC

Industry/Job Title:  Financial Advisor

What he does: My short story is that I dropped out of college a year in because I didn’t know what I wanted yet.  I then went to Colombia to live with family, taught English and met amazing people from all over the world.  I came back to the states and went back to school with a double-major in finance and entrepreneurship. I graduated into the worst job markets in history in almost a century, bartended, and then got a job at a small wealth management firm in Glastonbury. I felt the way this business is perceived needed to change so I started studying for almost a year to become fully licensed and then partnered with some very experienced people I trusted, and I’ve worked my ass off ever since. Now I’m a top 25 advisor in my firm and one of the top in my years of service. It’s a tough business and I’m very proud with what I’ve accomplished.

Future aspirations: I want to change the way financial services are delivered to and perceived by small businesses, young professionals and the Latin community by carefully listening to what they need and focusing on their success. One day, when I wind down from my financial practice I’ll pick up my Latin-American café concept I started in college. I’ve always wanted to have my own place to eat empanadas and have a family business to leave behind. All of this, while having a family, seeing the world and playing lots of golf.

Fun Facts About Brian: My favorite thing about HYPE and being a member is thinking about all the good times I’ve had and friends I’ve met as well as business contacts I’ve made and professionalism I’ve gained. It’s difficult to connect all the dots but it’s been all about being around awesome people that want awesome things who help each other. Looking back and seeing how much you’ve helped others and how much others have helped you is pretty cool.

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