Member of the Month

Cassandra Eilers

June 2020

Job Title: Hartford Healthcare, Ambulatory Core Operating Room RN III

Committee Member On: Personal & Professional Development Committee & Civic Engagement Committee

What she does for work: 

I am a Registered Nurse in the Operating Room at Hartford Hospital. I am responsible for the safety of my patients during invasive surgical procedures and I fulfill the role of patient advocate while they are in my care. I love working as an OR nurse because I can focus my attention on one patient at a time, affording me the ability to truly personalize patient care. I am currently trained in many different surgical services allowing for variety in case load and patient populations to work with. I enjoy working with Hartford Healthcare because I have found there is always an opportunity for learning and growth within the organization, personal as well as professional. 

What she loves about HYPE: 
My favorite thing about HYPE is the vast reach it has on the community and the organizations within the Hartford region. There are so many members with a variety of backgrounds and professional connections. Whatever you are looking to accomplish, socially, personally, community based, or professionally, you can reach out to HYPE and there will be a supportive connection you can make within the organization. 

Her involvement outside of HYPE: 
I currently hold the position of elected secretary to the Connecticut Hartford regions professional perioperative nursing chapter (AORN CT Ch 1 -0701). We work to provide innovative and educational learning opportunities for our members in order to enhance safe, evidence based practices in the perioperative environment. We strive to empower our members to advance their professional careers and create a foundation for lifelong learning while supporting interpersonal professional relationships. 

What book she is currently reading: 
Currently reading Alexander’s Care of the Patient During Surgery 16th edition. I am preparing to sit for my specialty certification exam for the operating room and I think I would only recommend this text to a select few. Otherwise- I am in the middle of the novel Two Days Gone by Randall Silvis. It is a suspenseful murder-mystery book and the main suspect is on the run after the murder of his family, but we can’t be certain if it was he who committed the crime because he has lost his memory of the night in question. At this stage in the text, I would recommend this book. I can’t yet promise a good ending, but for now I am enjoying the suspense! 

Contact Info: Cassandra Eilers