Member of the Month

Charles Logue

HYPE Member Since:

Job Title: Financial Associate

Committee Member On: Personal and Professional Development

His favorite thing about HYPE is:

Without HYPE, I would have never been offered my current position. This came after networking with fellow members and serendipity. HYPE is an amazing way for young professionals to increase their network. Additionally, if someone is new to the area, it’s a great way to meet like-minded peers and have a list of activities to have fun. I’ve learned so much about the region and I feel very involved and connected to the community.

His hobbies or interests outside of work:

I am a race/drift car driver/instructor and also a flight instructor and commercial pilot. I’m an avid body builder and hoping to compete in Men’s Physique bodybuilding. I also act in community theatre, most recently as Rocky in Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Nonprofits/Boards or other groups he’s involved in:

I would love to join a non-profit board, but currently not on one. I am in the process of applying for board positions. I volunteer very frequently including recently spending a month in Africa rehabilitating big cats and other African wildlife (go see my blog post). Prior, I had traveled to a rainforest in Southern Oaxaca, Mexico to provide food and build shelter for the Zapotec tribe and their village in the mountains.

Contact Info: or 860-309-2560