Member of the Month

Christina Lumbreras

HYPE Member Since:  2013

Employer: ARRIS

Job Title: Staff Software Engineer

Committee Member On: Social Events and Community Involvement

What she does for work: I love my job, because I work on innovative projects where my input is valued for final design.  I work on cable television and network devices that get programming and data services to each home or business. I work on projects spanning multiple countries and meet experts from various backgrounds. I've worked with engineers from Israel, India, China, Netherlands, Italy, and more.

What she would do if someone gave her 1 million dollars: If I had a million dollars (assuming I didn't have to pay a luxury tax!), I'd use $200k for my kids trust fund and $200k to pay off debt. Finally buy a kayak for my two unused kayak racks! Then I'd invest $200k. I'd use $100k to travel and knock some things off my bucket list like hang-gliding or skiing some place Warren-Miller worthy. I'd buy a small boat and a motorcycle. I'd donate to some worthy cause, of course. I'd buy dinner & drinks for my friends. I'd also buy a calculator to see if this all adds up!

What she loves about Hartford and this region: I love Hartford and I'm happy to call Connecticut home. I'm not a big city girl, so it's the perfect size. I love the nearby farms and outdoor activities while still maintaining a cool night scene. I love karaoke, dancing, trivia nights, and just all the good restaurants. I love all the social sports and of course, what is Hartford without HYPE!

What her hobbies and interests are outside of work: I have so many hobbies I wish I had more free time! My favorite is rowing, specifically sculling. In the summer, I used to row every morning before work. My passion is traveling and meeting new people. This week I met the Swedish rowing team competing in Peru. I’m not competitive but enjoy being active in sports & volunteering in the community. I play flag football, volleyball, and softball. I love running trails or biking during my lunch breaks. I also like spending time with my kids. They are just as busy as me and often join me skiing, on road trips, and on other crazy adventures.

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