Member of the Month

Colette Gregoire

November 2014

HYPE Member Since:  2013

Employer: BL Companies

Industry/Job Title:  Marketing Coordinator (A/E/C Industry)

What she does: I am a Marketing Coordinator in the Architecture/Engineering field, and I work in the proposal process. I work with internal Project Managers and respond to their requests for proposals and qualifications from clients who are looking to develop land, reconstruct or replace roads and bridges, or remediate sites. I went to school for Environmental Studies, but didn’t know what I wanted to do with that degree. I started working in the environmental field, and I am expanding my reach to all aspects of the A/E/C industry while learning the ins and outs of marketing as I go. Not only am I learning marketing techniques, but I am also learning so much about the field of engineering. I love the tangible aspect of this industry; seeing development projects being built into useful places and spaces that we can enjoy.

Future aspirations: In a world full of unknown and unlimited career opportunities, learning something new outside of work is something completely within my control. I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano, and I have written that into my five year plan. In the future, I could be living abroad, starting my own company or a million of other things, but I’ll hopefully be playing the piano wherever I end up. 

Fun Facts About Colette: What I like most about Hartford is that it is a hidden gem. I have lived in West Hartford for four years and was not aware of all of the things that Hartford has to offer, until I joined HYPE about one year ago. Thanks to HYPE, I now know of the best restaurants, various companies in the area, where to go to see a play, and am now aware of the issues that Hartford is currently working through. Hartford has beautiful parks and museums, rich history and modern entertainment. I am optimistic that the various redevelopments in Hartford will continually improve its dynamic, and will encourage young professionals to stay in the area and give Hartford a try.