Member of the Month

Dan Castle

HYPE Member Since:

Age: 30

Employer: Advanced Torque Products

Job Title: Vice President

Committee Member On: Civic Engagement

What he does for work:

I run a small engineering company, Advanced Torque Products (ATP), located in Newington, CT. We support the Aerospace Industry with high-capacity, high-accuracy torque wrenches to assemble airplane and jet engines as well as fastening the blades onto helicopters. ATP has been a leader in the torque field for over 15 years, with our wrenches and calibration units becoming mainstays on Army, Navy and Air Force bases and in the aerospace, power generation, marine, industrial, automotive and commercial sectors. Customers we serve include Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Rolls-Royce, Bell Helicopter, Honeywell Aerospace, Airbus Helicopters and the U.S. Military. Join our mailing list to keep up-to-date with what we’re working on:

His favorite thing about HYPE is:

I resonate with the fundamental goal of HYPE to engage young professionals in their city and their peers while simultaneously enriching the greater Hartford area as a byproduct of this process. It’s nice to socialize with like-minded people too!

Is he a part of any other groups?:

Yes, I’m a member of CAAAN (Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassadors Network) CAAAN’s mission is to assist the Cornell admissions community in its efforts to enroll well-rounded undergraduate students. As a volunteer, I conduct informational interviews with prospective Cornell Students that live in the greater Hartford region. This is my own way of giving back to my community while giving back to my alma mater.

His hobbies or interests outside of work are:

Though I work in the engineering and aerospace world now, my Architecture and Animal Science background from Cornell still leaves an animal/outdoors itch I need to scratch.  Before my professional career took off, I used to raise livestock as a hobby.  Given my new time constraints, I just raise poultry.  Each year I hatch about 300 chickens at my parent’s farm in Terryville, CT. Given their relatively short reproductive cycle, I can easily track their genetic lineage from year to year and improve on the quality of birds I raise from one generation to the next. Over the last few years, I’ve sold birds throughout the world to fellow breeders to help improve their programs. 

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