Member of the Month

Daniel Zakin

Employer:  Pratt & Whitney 

Job Title: Generation 1 NGPF Field Support Lead

Committee Member On: Social Ambassadors, Civic Engagement and Community Involvement 

What he likes about work: 

I lead a team that reviews data from the operational fleet of Pratt engines to assist with data analytics and respond to airline requests. Each day is different, leading to new and exciting work opportunities. My team is amazing and I LOVE planes so the job and company is awesome. 

Where he sees himslef in 5 to 10 years: 
Manager at Pratt & Whitney in the next  5... Senior Manager or Executive in 10.

What he loves about Hartford and the region: 
A robust and beautiful nature scene filled with business in development that host a plethora of great events. 

His favorite thing about HYPE: 
The HYPE community and connection to the Civic Engagement piece in Connecticut.

His hobbies and interests outside of work: 
I haven’t had a lot of time between the board, my masters program, and work. When I do have free time, I like board games, dungeons and dragons, video games, audiobooks, podcasts, and awesome events/concerts around the area.

What book he is currently reading and would he recommend it:
"Why Nations Fail’. It depends on the person. It explores how economies around the world developed over time. It is rather dry to be honest, but part of my self-learning effort in public policy. I also continuously rotate between harry potter audio books 2-7.

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