Member of the Month

David J. Rubin

May 2015

Name: David J. Rubin

Age: 25

HYPE Member Since:  2014

Employer and Job Title: MC/DJ at Boppers Events & CEO of ElectroSpin University

Committee Member On:  Social Events Committee

What he does for work: Music + Yoga. Technically they are one in the same. Mu- meaning ‘we’ or ’ togetherness. Yoga- meaning ‘yoke’ or ‘union’. I like to bring people together thru music and movement. What do you like about it? I get to party for a living and be healthy— and make others happy and heal minds, bodies, and spirits. To me that’s what life should be about.

What his hobbies/interests are outside of work: Right now, I’m really just focused on Music & Yoga. I love reading. I read 3+ books on my Kindle at a time. I also like taking free online courses on Coursera. To me life, is learning. I love frisbee, art, and of course… music festivals & raves. 

The book he is currently reading: Currently, I’m reading 'Moonwalking with Einstein' by Joshua Foer. It’s about how memory really works. Very interesting. Would you recommend it? Obvi! Essential reading to me is: 1) 5 Elements of Effective Thinking— got that from Stamford’s Mathematics class. Very easy short read, and puts problem solving in a very simple perspective. 2) The 7 Laws of Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra— explains the science and spirit around and within us. Or Wayne Dyer’s 'Power of Intention’. And  3) The Number Devil- a children’s math book. What would you do if someone gave you one million dollars? I just finished a book called “The Richest Man in Babylon.” Totally changed my perspective on money, wealth building, and hard work. 

​What he loves about Hartford: I’ve lived in CT all my life. Hartford has a lot of memories for me for the past 2 decades— most especially UConn basketball. My father used to be the Jonathan the Husky so UConn is my lifeblood. And the seasons are prettiest here.

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