Member of the Month

Dyani Williams

Employer: Foodshare, Inc.

Job Title: Communications Coordinator 

Committee Member On: Social Ambassadors 

What she likes about work: 

As a Communications Coordinator, my main role is online engagement. I develop and research strategies that pertain to keeping members of Foodshare’s community engaged in its mission through the use of social media and other digital platforms. I also manage content that is published on Foodshare’s social media and digital marketing platforms.

I love the fact that my role at Foodshare enables me to be creative, and engage in a variety of projects and events that consist of promoting Foodshare’s mission; to lead a coordinated response to the issue of hunger.

Where she sees herself in 5 years:
 see myself building a  career as a digital marketing professional in the Public Health field. My long-term goal is the be the Director of the Communications team for the Department of Public Health or for a community-based organization.

I also see myself living in a house in a rural town near a big city, all while teaching a fitness class and managing a side business that consists of managing social media and audio visual projects.

Her favorite thing about HYPE:
My favorite thing about HYPE is that it offers a variety  of events to its members.  I think Mia, Kim, and each committee do a great job in planning events that are both resourceful ,entertaining, and educational. As a young professional I strongly believe that is important to live a lifestyle in which there is a balance between working hard, but also taking time to socialize, support the community, and learn something new. I feel that  anyone who is looking for that type of lifestyle will find it by joining HYPE .

His hobbies and interests outside of work: I enjoy taking pictures. I guarantee  that if you are at an event you will see me capture the  most memorable moments of an event on my phone or camera (once I purchase a new one).  I also enjoy going to the gym. My favorite fitness activities are hard core cardio classes, yoga, Zumba and I just started taking an indoor cycling class. In my spare time I also enjoy attending music festivals, paint nights, charity events (with a silent auction and raffle prizes), along with wineries, traveling, movies, karaoke and going to the beach. Spending time with family and friends also brings me great joy.

Contact Info: Dyani Williams