Member of the Month

Isabelle Miner

August 2017

HYPE Member Since:

Age: 25

National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS)

Job Title: Manager, Walk MS

Committee Member On: Personal and Professional Development

What she does for work is:
I work in recruitment and fundraising for mass market events, specifically the Walk MS campaign in the state of CT. NMSS hosts nine walks from Stamford to Torrington, serving almost 10,000 constituents. We encourage people to create teams that are responsible for building awareness, fundraising, and participation. While working on Walk MS, I have the pleasure of supporting Muckfest MS as well as the regional participants of the Cape Cod Challenge Walk. My main goal is to create meaningful relationships with people who have been touched by Multiple Sclerosis in some way and using that motivation to create a world free of MS. It’s an honor to wake up each day to do something meaningful and support a community of people who radiate strength, resilience, and courage. What could be better than that!

Her favorite thing about HYPE is:

I enjoy the familial aspect. When I walk into the committee meeting conference room or a happy hour event at a local brewery, I’m met with recognition and kindness. HYPE members look forward to seeing each other again, starting where they left off, and hoping to take the relationship outside the bounds of HYPE. That’s how a dependable and intimate network is built, much more organically than some assume.

What she loves about Hartford is:
Having come from a 6-year stint in New York City, I appreciate the slower pace with comparable opportunity. It allows you to take it all in, whether that’s well into your career or just starting out getting a handle on the surroundings. Due to Hartford’s ability to maintain a small-town aspect in a well-developed city, people are well connected and show excitement supporting each other’s endeavors. I like feeling like a member of this community.

If someone gave her one million dollars she would: 
I’d move to Cape Town, South Africa and purchase a bungalow on a cliff side overlooking the ocean and spend my days taking hiking groups up and down Table Mountain.

Contact Info: