Member of the Month

Janet Vamos

December 2017

HYPE Member Since: 2016

Zag Interactive

Job Title: Web Developer

Committee Member On: Personal and Professional Development and Social Events

What she does for work:
I am a front-end web developer for ZAG Interactive, a renowned digital marketing agency located in Glastonbury, CT. I provide our clients with new functionality for their websites, along with sleek styling and responsive design. Though it may sound dull to sit behind a desk all day, my job allows me to think creatively as I have to solve problems in innovative ways, often with tight deadlines. I love to code because it’s amazing to see a few lines of text transform into a web page and then to see pages turn into entire sites. I am also proud to be a woman in a largely male-dominated field and hope that I am leaving a positive mark! Finally, my role also allows me to lend a helping hand on the HYPE website, which is definitely a unique – and awesome – job perk!

Her favorite thing about HYPE is:

I love how there has never been a dull moment for me since I joined HYPE. Having been a member for only a year and a half, I have paddled in a Dragon Boat race, moderated a book club discussion for the Personal and Professional Development committee, sampled food and drinks at numerous restaurants across Hartford at the monthly Get HYPEd happy hours, built my own terrarium at Knox, and met talented young professionals from a variety of different backgrounds – and that’s only the beginning of the list! HYPE has shown me that there is a very diverse, exciting, and constantly evolving neighborhood in my own backyard. Even if there isn’t a HYPE event going on on a given night, I only have to hop on the website to learn about all of the shows, dining, and other events happening in Hartford.

The book she is currently reading is:
I am currently reading Chemistry: A novel by  Weike Wang, and I would highly recommend it! On the surface, the novel is about a young woman who is pursuing a graduate degree in chemistry, but who finds herself rethinking a lot of the decisions she’s made in her life. On a deeper level, however, Chemistry explores anxiety and mental health – topics which are generally viewed as taboo. Wang reminds us that it’s OK to put self-care first on our list of priorities and to let happiness be our motivation, as opposed to constantly feeling the need to meet the expectations of others. The themes of the book are certainly relevant to the lives of young professionals and I hope HYPEsters enjoy it as much as I did!

If someone gave her one million dollars she would: 

The wise answer here is to invest, but I would also have a little fun, too! I would definitely plan a lengthy vacation to Greece and Italy. As a Classical Studies major, I would love to finally visit a portion of the world that I have studied extensively and to put my degree to use by translating the inscriptions on the ancient ruins! I would also plan a visit to Hungary, to touch base with my roots and familial heritage. Finally, I would donate to an organization that helps young women break into the technology sector, like Girls Who Code or Kode with Klossy.  

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