Member of the Month

Jason Styra

Employer: Apex Systems

Job Title: Account Manager

Committee Member On: Civic Engagement and Social Ambassadors 

What he likes about work: 
Apex Systems is the 2nd largest IT staffing and consulting firm in the U.S.  As an Account Manager I work directly with our clients on site. Understanding their goals, together, with leadership and collaboration we help them complete their projects on time by sourcing the right talent and managing resources.  Remember when you accepted your current job offer? It was exciting!  I get to call people and offer them exciting new opportunities all the time!

What he loves about Hartford and the region: 
Hartford is filled with a diverse history.  Learning about how the face of the city has changed over the centuries fascinates me.The architecture, the companies, the food, all keep me looking for some new hidden gem the city is hiding.  People from CT are fiercely prideful of their towns/cities and I’m proud to say I am a Hartford resident.

His favorite thing about HYPE:
Being an ambassador for Greater Hartford. Without Kim & Mia’s hard work, the culture would have never become as collaborative and fun as it is.Committees become their own little families and you have the opportunity to share opinions/experiences with like-minded Young Professionals.

His hobbies and interests outside of work:
Shop till I drop!I have a passion for interior design and Mid Century Modern furniture.I spend a lot of my weekends exploring different corners of the state finding unique shops that carry original pieces.The long drives are fun, and I get to try different restaurants all across the state.

Contact Info: Jason Styra