Member of the Month

Jeff Roux

October 2011 Member Spotlight

HYPE Member Since: 2008

Employer: Excel Fitness

Industry/Job Title: Health & Fitness, Co-Owner/Operator

What he does: In college I realized I could study and do something I love as a profession, exercise, and make a good living at it.  I have a 4 year B.S. Degree in Exercise Science and have earned many specific specialty certifications including golf conditioning and senior fitness.  I also teach personal training courses for World Instructor Training Schools. On any given day I personally train 5-8 clients, manage a staff of up to 10, and run operations such as marketing, payroll, accounts receivable, recruitment and community outreach.

Future Aspirations: I love what I do but would like to do less of it, I work up to 13 hour days. I am current working hard with my business partner Shawn O'Brien to develop and grow our staff and business.  We would like to be in our facility less to do more outside programs and marketing, additionally, be able to volunteer in the community more.  Expansion of services and franchising are also possibilities, but our current focus is on our one facility in West Hartford. 

In His Own Words: I recently returned from a dream adventure vacation in Costa Rica! It included a volcano hike, white water rafting, waterfall repelling and zip lining and it was amazing!  On the return flight on 9/11 no less, instead of feeling unhappy it was over, I felt blessed I am healthy to partake in such an adventure and able to afford the luxury of traveling.  I reminded myself of the wonderful people I have met, many in HYPE, and events to get involved in that Hartford has to offer.  Each day is what we make of it, get involved, volunteer and give back and you will find the rewards endless.

Contact Info: or 860-523-8167


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