Member of the Month

Jessica Hinman

November 2018 

Hartford's Camp Couran

Job Title: Director of Community Outreach & Special Events

Committee Member On: 
Personal & Professional Development

What she does for work: 
As the Director of Community Outreach and Special Events for Camp Courant, I am responsible for creating, developing, coordinating, implementing and supervising all marketing, advertising and community outreach efforts, including volunteer recruitment and oversight.  Additionally I plan, oversee and execute all of Camp Courant’s internal and third-party special events.

The most fulfilling aspects of my role are seeing the long-standing impact we have on Hartford’s youth and their education coupled with the community’s engagement and interaction with our programs and mission.

She loves Hartford because: 
As a life-long Hartford area resident (with plenty of travel and residences in between) I can honestly state that I love the history, passion and resilience that Hartford represents. It is a city of rich and diverse heritage with model examples of innovation, art and culture. Despite all of its ‘rough patches’ Hartford always brings people, ideas and inspiration together.

Her hobbies and interests outside of work:
I have too many! My first passion is that I have been teaching and training in martial arts for 25 years and I absolutely love it. My closest friends and my husband are in the martial arts community and share the dedication, character and desire to learn which is essential in every aspect of my life.

I also love sports and athletics in general, anything to keep me moving and nurture my competitive spirit!

My other hobbies include traveling (both road trips and international travel), cooking for friends and family, and reading. Honestly, I love to learn and explore as life is too short.

Her favorite thing about HYPE is: 
Like the city of Hartford, HYPE offers younger adults the opportunity to network, build relationships and experience all the city has to offer. I have found HYPE particularly benefits those new to the area or a workforce or transitioning in their career and social paths.

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