Member of the Month

John Farrell

September 2012 Member Spotlight

HYPE Member Since:  2011

Employer: JBS / Self

Industry/Job Title:  C#/ Programmer / Web Developer / Entrepreneur

What he does: I talk to computers in languages they understand.  Worked on a wide range of programming projects from fleet routing software to facebook games, front end to back end.  My day job keeps me busy working on  No real education.  I learned on the streets, and by streets I mean internet.  All the resources you need to learn programming is free and available online.  No special training, or student loans, required.

I started programming right out of highschool.  While working at a gas station a accountant working at a business across the street came over to buy something.  She mentioned needing some help with an ecommerce website.  I was already a geeky kid so I already built some websites with my free time.  I went over to her office across the street, introduced myself and the rest is history.

Future Aspirations:  Be an entrepreneur.  I have two startups cooking right now, one automating event promotions via social media, the other an informational site about foods that are great for your brain.  By October I hope to be working full time on them.

Dream Job:  My dream job would be running my own company.  I’m tired of working for the man.

Contact Info: | @jfarrellism