Member of the Month

Jon Aidukonis

June 2013 Member Spotlight

Age:  27

HYPE Member Since:

Employer: Hartford Restaurant Group

Industry/Job Title:  Hospitality/ Director of New Media and Special Events

What he does: I am the Director of New Media and Special Events for Hartford Restaurant Group. Essentially, my job is to represent the brands we own when you encounter them outside of our four walls. Whether it is online interaction, a promotional event, or a catered gala, my responsibility is to make sure that you get the same experience you would as a guest in any of our restaurants.

My educational background is in art, design, and communications. My professional background is a mix of restaurant management, catering coordination, and public relations. This job allows me to mix my training and my passion into an industry where success relies on the ability to think outside the box.

Future Aspirations:
To be considered anything but average, always follow my intuition, and help others do the same along the way.

What I like most about Hartford is: the Potential it has as a city! Hartford is a place that is always evolving and growing. The residents, supporters, and creatives that come here have an unparalleled desire to see Hartford continue to grow and succeed, and I find that really inspiring.

Contact Info: | 860-884-6689