Member of the Month

Kel Thomas

February 2018

HYPE Member Since: 2014

Ford & Paulekas, LLP

Job Title: Attorney

Committee Member On: Civic Engagement

What he does for work:
I am an associate attorney for Ford & Paulekas, LLP (FPLLP). FPLLP is a business law firm that represents commercial and individual clients in their business and investment activities. Specifically, my practice has centered around representing financial institutions in commercial asset-based and real estate lending, real estate based litigation, contractual disputes, commercial civil litigation, and representing the needs of small businesses, including commercial land-lord tenant disputes. I appreciate the rigor and variety of my job. Each transaction or case is different and there are many opportunities to grow and learn. I like assisting business owners in their entrepreneurial endeavors so that they can hire more employees and contribute to the growth of our community.

His favorite thing about HYPE is:

My favorite thing about HYPE is the people. I selfishly joined HYPE simply to meet other motivated individuals in this area. I am not native to Connecticut and HYPE seemed like a good way to broaden my social network. I have met a great number of interesting folks and I look forward to communicating with them at each HYPE event.

In ten years he sees himself:
Ten years from now I will either be a partner in a firm or I will be the managing partner of my own firm. I would also like to be a member of a real estate development group.  I would like to create jobs and add to the economic growth of the community. Everyone has their niche, their special way of giving back. For me, I have always been drawn towards the business aspect of the law. My goal is to create jobs and mentor new graduates about how to navigate their respective fields.

If someone gave him one million dollars he would: 

If someone gave me a million dollars, I would first pay off my student loans (which would be a good chunk of it).  Then I would start a non-profit focused on assisting new graduates from hard backgrounds to navigate their path in this world. I feel that we have a number of organizations for children and teens and there are a number of resources while a student is in college, but once an individual graduates they are typically thrown to the wolves. Mentorship is extremely important, especially for those that do not come from stable families. If young adults lack a mentor who can help them to navigate budgets, paying student loans, starting a new job and being at the bottom of the professional ladder, dealing tough bosses, and becoming a respected professional, then they may never reach their full potential. Dealing with adults is tough.  Sign me up! …And of course, I would invest the rest of the money.

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