Member of the Month

Kelly Carter

July 2013 Member Spotlight

HYPE Member Since:  2008

Employer:The Hartford

Industry/Job Title:  Director of External Communications (PR)

What she does: I: I never thought I’d grow up to work for an insurance company. I always thought I’d be a reporter when I grew up. Well, I was. I worked at The Day shortly after I graduated from University of Rhode Island. It was great meeting new people every day and telling their stories. Then I had the chance to switch to public relations.

I’m still writing and telling amazing stories every day as a director of external communications at The Hartford. My favorite part about my job is sharing the stories of U.S. Paralympic athletes.

The Hartford is the founding sponsor of U.S. Paralympics, a division of the U.S. Olympic Committee dedicated to recruiting and training elite athletes with physical disabilities. U.S. Paralympic athletes are amazing people and fierce competitors who embody my company’s Ability Philosophy – a focus on abilities, not limitations.

I’m thrilled that HYPE is partnering with The Hartford on a unique event on July 17, in which you can play wheelchair basketball and sitting volleyball along with two U.S. Paralympic medalists. Come out and try the sports. I guarantee you’ll have fun! Hopefully, you’ll be amazed and inspired, too.

Future Aspirations:
My goal as a PR professional is to secure national media coverage for innovative, award-winning communications campaigns. I’d love to schedule a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show because I really want to meet her. :)

My dream job would be: PR for Oscar Meyer Bacon. #natch

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