Member of the Month

Kelly Conrad

HYPE Member Since:

The Travelers Companies

Job Title:
Paralegal in Travelers Bond and Specialty Insurance Legal Services

Committee Member On: Social Events and Ambassadors

What she does for work:

I have a number of different responsibilities, including responding to non-party subpoenas, coordinating responses to Department of Insurance inquiries and Consumer Complaints, and working on projects like Surplus Lines licensing. Every day in my group is different thanks to the wide variety of specialties handled by the attorneys here. I love working for Travelers; there are so many diversity groups and volunteer opportunities that I’m able to meet people from every career path.

She loves Hartford and this region because:

I love that you can walk just about everywhere downtown and come across so many different cultures. Just considering the types of cuisine available, you’ve got everything from Thai to Caribbean within walking distance. Plus, there’s so much history here; you can take tours of the Capitol or the Bushnell Theater or visit the Wadsworth on your lunch break.

Her favorite thing about HYPE is:

I really enjoy getting to meet so many different people. We’ve got members right out of college or a few years into their jobs, and others who are established in their careers, so there’s always someone to offer you a fresh perspective on your place in the world. I also like how HYPE works hard to be a good neighbor to Hartford by highlighting area companies, charities, and by scheduling events all over the city, exposing the members to all of the opportunities in the region.

Her hobbies or interests outside of work are: 

I tend to stay very busy outside of work. I’m pretty artistic and love to create, so I sign up for just about any local artsy events (paint nights, Craftivate events, classes at Scraptivity) and I am part of a pottery group that meets once a week. I’m involved in a Yelp Elite group, love to walk the different linear/canal trails throughout the state, and attend a lot of local music events. I try to say “yes” to as many things as possible; you never know what opportunities may come your way and it’s more fun than sitting on your couch.

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