Member of the Month

Kevin Paro

July 2015

Kevin Paro


HYPE Member Since:

Connecticut Casualty Co.

Job Title:
Director of Financial Services

Committee Member On:
Ambassadors Committee

What his favorite thing about HYPE is: The friendships and connections I’ve made through HYPE have been incredible. I literally didn’t know a single person when I first started going; everyone was super inviting and now I feel like I’ve developed some really close friendships with a  bunch of the people I’ve met. I also wasn’t familiar with many restaurants and venues in Hartford prior to HYPE, and now I’ve been able to see and enjoy much more of the city than I previously had.

What his hobbies/interests are outside of work: I love spending time with family and friends, going to concerts, playing music, and reading.

What do you love about Hartford and this region: I love the history and culture that Hartford has. I’m constantly learning more and more about how important of a city Hartford was and still is. There’s also a really fantastic, talented group of artists and musicians in Hartford that I really enjoy having access to. From Real Art Ways to the Wadsworth, to Infinity Hall, there’s never a shortage of artistic and musical events to attend.

Do you sit on any nonprofit boards, or are you part of other groups: I’m the president on the board of directors for ParaDYM, which is an after school program that focuses on teaching media services to high school students. The purpose of the program is to help give the students something constructive to do after school, and they receive academic credit for participating.  

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