Member of the Month

Kristyn Neal

HYPE Member Since:  2013

Age: 38

Executive Real Estate

Job Title: Realtor

Committee Member On: Social Events, and Personal & Professional Development

What she does for work:

I’m a matchmaker! I like being able to help people move into the next phase of their lives and reach their goal of buying or selling their home. Home and business ownership is about community; so for every transaction I close, I make a donation to a non-profit or community based organization.

Her hobbies or interests outside of work: 

I’m usually up for most anything, but most of all I love to travel. Some people say I travel a lot, but for me it’s really not enough. I would gladly live in a suitcase if it meant I could see the world. It’s my goal to visit all the continents.

She is currently reading: 

I’m currently reading the Personal & Professional Development book club book, “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achnor. I’m not too far along, but I would recommend everyone read it and come to the April book club event.

She is a part of other boards and/or groups: 

I recently accepted an invitation to sit on the board at Hartford Food System. With a goal of creating healthy, culturally-responsive, just, resilient and sustainable food system that meets the needs of all community members. I love that Hartford Food System not only helps meet the basic human needs of the community but all so advocates for quality, local food sources.

Contact Info: