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Liz Slot

November 2013 Member Spotlight

Age:  26 

HYPE Member Since:

Employer: Hartford Public High School

Industry/Job Title: Teacher

What she does: I am a high school English teacher that loves working in the urban community. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and after a lot of hard work and 6 years of school it finally came true, and in my home state! I was influenced by my 6th grade teacher and by one of my high school English teachers, and I hope to be able to inspire my students the way they inspired me.

Future Aspirations:
 I love my job so I see myself teaching there for the next few years at least. I’d also love to travel and cross a few bucket list locations off my list, including New Orleans and some European cities.

Hidden (or not so hidden) hobby: is that I like to make greeting cards and mail them to friends and family, as well as sell them online..

Contact Info: