Member of the Month

Mabel Santiago

October 2017

HYPE Member Since:

Age: 30

United Healthcare

Job Title: Administrative Assistant

Committee Member On: Ambassadors and Social Events

What she does for work:
I’m an Administrative Assistant for Connecticut Sale and Account Management at United Healthcare. Our department focuses on the Key Account & Small Business market. My primary responsibility is to support the Vice President of Connecticut Sale and Account Management, but I’m also involved in all levels of the department. I love that I learn everything it takes to operate the department.

Her favorite thing about HYPE is:

I love that HYPE creates a sense of community in the Hartford area among young professionals. HYPE provides exposure and experiences for individuals that might not have the opportunity in their workplace. I have lived in Hartford all my life (with a gap of 4 years) and I feel that HYPE has reintroduced Hartford to me. There are so many places that I never visited before HYPE.

What she loves about Hartford is:
I love Hartford’s history and culture. It is a city, but also provides a small town feel. Sometimes it seems like everyone knows each other one way or another. There is always something going on such as the Greater Hartford Jazz Festival, movies in the park, Winterfest ice skating and much more. If you’re looking for a weekend getaway a two hour drive can land you in one of the two major cities in the country. In consideration that Hartford is a small city, but it has a lot of major corporations which provide great opportunities for professional advancement.

Her hobbies and interests outside of work are: 

I enjoy attending community events, hiking, dancing, reading sci-if books, hanging out with friends, doing home improvement, and vacationing.

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