Member of the Month

Mark Zipadelli

HYPE Member Since:  2013

Age: 32


Job Title: Business Project Specialist

Committee Member On: Interested in them all!

His favorite thing about HYPE is:

The variety of choices is what makes HYPE special. As our lives change, this organization has a multitude of options to support that change without losing relevance. And really, that is what HYPE is all about. An ongoing support for the region, the capital city, and you.

His hobbies or interests outside of work: 

When they let Software Engineers leave the office, you can find me involved in cooking, hiking, New England sports, technology consulting, ballroom dance, yoga, music and many other things that would reveal my not-so-secret nerdiness. I take one trip a year, with a minimum of planning, to keep my mind fresh. This year I’ll do Denver, Colorado and Madrid, Spain. I squeeze in volunteer work at MACC Soup Kitchen and the American Red Cross when I have time.

He is currently reading: 

"The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F@$%" by Mark Manson. I’ve recently returned to pleasure reading after many years of studying materials for my career. I enjoy things that encourage you to do something actionable. This book stood out because it doesn’t object to being different, and for me that made all the difference.

What he loves about Hartford and this region: 

I love how transformative the region is. Like many, I had little experience with Hartford before committing to HYPE. Hartford, and Connecticut in general, has so much to offer, but you have to be effortful in discovering it. It was that discovery that really made the area so special for me, and in my eye so endearing. It’s an active choice to be involved in anything with so many options available for our time. The choice of HYPE has been a refreshing comfort to have and experience post-university.

Contact Info: or 860-281-1375