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Mike Carucci

February 2012 Member Spotlight

HYPE Member Since: 2008

Employer: CT VA Health Care System

Industry/Job Title:  Chiropractor

What he does: I am a Staff Chiropractor with the CT VA working out of the Newington hospital. I have been with the VA for 3 years and prior to that worked in private practice in CT.
I chose to become a Chiropractor because I enjoy working with people and had personal experience with Chiropractic care as a teenager. As a health care profession, Chiropractic is unique because it allows providers to build strong therapeutic relationships with their patients, to see results quickly and to offer treatment for a range of common yet challenging conditions.

Personally and professionally I am a Lifer… born, raised and educated in CT! I was born in Hartford, grew up in the Southend by Goodwin Park and then attended Trinity College where I graduated with a BA in American Studies and received by DC from the University of Bridgeport.

Future Aspirations: My passion is HYPE and I strongly believe in our mission and the potential of our membership! I want to continue to support this organization and our region in the coming years either through public office, work with other non-profits or other ventures. I am excited to see how this generation of professionals will positively impact the Greater Hartford region through HYPE and their own work.

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