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Naomi Reid

November 2011 Member Spotlight

HYPE Member Since:  2008

Industry/Job Title:  YOUTH Forum Program Manager

Employer: The Connecticut Forum    

What does she do: I manage and facilitate the Connecticut Forum’s award-winning YOUTH Forum program, which encourages the free and active exchange of ideas among high school aged youth throughout the Greater Hartford area.  This is a huge honor and privilege for me, because I was a member of the Connecticut YOUTH Forum as a student at RHAM High School, became a Forum subscriber and Advisory Board member when I moved back to Hartford in 2007, and then joined The Connecticut Forum staff in August of 2011.  

In the most beautiful and non-linear way, every diverse life experience I’ve had so far has prepared me for this role:  on a daily basis I use my degree in Psychology, my experience in corporate marketing and training, along with other nuggets I’ve picked up from being a nomad, tree-hugger, foodie, film junky, NPR listener, closet-writer, avid traveler, and overall curious person.  Yes, working with teens and meeting celebrities is very cool, but it’s bigger than that - I am truly thrilled to be in downtown Hartford, working with an organization that changed my high school experience and continues to challenge, entertain, and inspire the community (and me).

Future Aspirations:
Play big games.  Listen more than I talk.  Use my passport.  Lead with a smile.  This year:  read more, improve my Japanese, learn to play guitar and to drive stick shift.  

Hidden (or not so hidden) talent or hobby:  Music is a big part of my life.  I sing with local band The Elastic Hoax.  Visit:

Contact info:

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