Member of the Month

Niccola Castro Del Rio

August 2018

HYPE Member Since:

Employer: Pratt & Whitney

Job Title: Engine Master Scheduler

Committee Member On: Personal & Professional Development, Social Events 

What he does for work:
I currently have two jobs, Engine Master Scheduler for Pratt & Whitney and Veterinarian Technician at Rippowam Animal Hospital.

During the week, I am an Engine master scheduler, and I manage the demand coming from demand management and convert it into physical information to input to supply planning. I work with several departments to translate a build plan into information that work with the company ERP system to drive demand and coordinate operations. I like a lot of things about this job. One of them I change the SOCs in the engines. I also like that I have to work with several departments and the need to understand how different departments interact creating an intricate puzzle that needs to be coordinated like a set of gears to make the company work like a clock. 

On the weekends, I am a veterinarian technician. With this hat I help veterinarians help small animals. I take x-rays, take blood, place catheters, and assist in surgery. What I like about this job is to work with animals. They are happy kind and bring happiness to everyone. I also like that I can help to save lives, and I always make new friends. 

In five years he sees himself:
In 5 years, I see myself managing a group of people creating and managing projects. I will also be creating an organization with the goal to improve the general perception about Colombia and I will be traveling a lot.

His favorite thing about HYPE is:
My favorite thing about HYPE is the opportunity to increase my network while I get to know more about Hartford. I like how HYPE combines several social events with the opportunities to teach about Hartford and bring new people and give them the opportunity to network with each other.

His hobbies/interests outside of work are: 
I have few activities outside of work, which I hope to have more time to do more of them. I am a sky diver and working to get my A license. I also like to ride bikes. I had a Suzuki GSXR 750 but I had to sell it. I am also a scuba diver and I am trying to find opportunities to go diving.

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