Member of the Month

Nicholas Weston

HYPE Member Since:  2016

Age: 31

Pratt and Whitney

Job Title: Associate Fleet Manager

Committee Member On: Ambassadors and Community Involvement

What he does for work is:
I am part of a diverse team at Pratt and Whitney that manages commercial jet engine removal planning and maintenance contracts with airlines all over the world. I enjoy working with airlines and I am looking forward to travel opportunities.

His favorite thing about HYPE is:

My favorite thing about HYPE is that it allows me to meet many different people from many different places and backgrounds that are all committed to learning more about and improving life here in the Hartford area.

His hobbies or interests outside of work are:
Outside of work, I am currently enjoying the thrills of home ownership along with my girlfriend Keight. We also enjoy touring all the breweries and distilleries that seem to be popping up all over the state. I hit the gym regularly, and have vastly improved my health and fitness over the last year. For downtime, I never shy away from a good video game or Netflix binge session.

If someone gave him one million dollars he would: 
If someone gave me one million dollars, I would invest 90% of it, put 5% in long term savings, and use the other 5% for home improvement projects or a large one-time purchase like a couple of new cars for me and Keight. I would continue working at my current job in the short term.

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