Member of the Month

Octave Muhirwa

May 2020

Job Title: Software Engineer, MassMutual

Committee Member On: Personal & Professional Development Committee & Civic Engagement Committee

What he does for work: 

I’m a software engineer mainly focusing on building web services that feed data to different web applications. I mostly enjoy solving problems like how to scale those services as data grows or how to make them user friendly.

What he loves about Hartford and this region: 
I have been living in Hartford for the past 10 months and I’ve had a great time so far. There are many things I love about Hartford, but I will highlight the top three. First, I love how diverse Hartford is; I can splurge on different cuisines within a few minutes' drive. Second, I love Hartford’s history; You can see it in the many buildings around that tell a story of its glorious past and a hope for the future.  I’m always walking around discovering new tidbits. Lastly, I love Hartford’s small city feel; it’s easy to meet people. In my short time here, I’ve met entrepreneurs, photographers, engineers, etc. I think anyone can find something for themselves here.

What he loves about HYPE: 
My favorite thing about HYPE is meeting people. Being new to the Hartford area, I was trying to network and that’s how I found out about HYPE. It has allowed me to meet many people in different industries and it has allowed me to build a sense of belonging to Hartford quickly.

What book he is currently reading: 
I’m currently reading Anderson Cooper’s Dispatches from the Edge. I'm trying to stay sane during these hard times of confinement and books have been helping a lot. I picked this one randomly, and I would recommend it as a light read. There isn’t anything in it that’s hard to grasp, but you do learn how fragile life is. It’s reminding me to count my blessings and enjoy the present.

Contact Info: Octave Muhirwa