Member of the Month

Olivia Astle

HYPE Member Since:  2014

Age: 29

Hospital for Special Care

Job Title: Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS)

Committee Member On: Community Involvement and Social Events

What she does for work:

Therapeutic Recreation (TR) is so much more than just fun and games. It isn't about filling time but making time fulfilling. Therapeutic Recreation utilizes treatment, education and recreational interventions to address and improve one’s functional status and overall independence after injury and/or illness. The purpose of TR is to restore, re mediate and rehabilitate an individual’s level of functioning and independence to enhance one’s overall quality of life, as well as to reduce or eliminate the effects of illness or disability. 

I love my job as a CTRS, for I have the ability to make a difference and impact the lives of the patients I work with. As a CTRS, I love learning about each individual patient and incorporating their interests into treatment, to enhance the patient's overall physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills. Incorporating therapeutic recreation into one's life is not only beneficial but truly essential, no matter what one's illness or injury. 

Her favorite thing about HYPE is: 

I've grown up in CT and lived in the state most of my life and yet I've come to truly love CT, particularly the Hartford region in the years that I have been a HYPE member. 

I believe HYPE is truly what you make of it. There are countless ways that all young professionals could benefit from being involved in HYPE. I am generally somewhat shy, quiet however, through HYPE, I am able to push outside my comfort zone by meeting new people at each HYPE event and making conversation with other young professionals who have all different careers, interests and backgrounds. Not only have I enjoyed networking with fellow young professionals, HYPE has helped me to develop my social, professional networks, and community awareness. I personally value volunteering and being involved in helping out the community and region in which we live. HYPE provides great opportunities throughout the year to do so, and helps to promote the countless volunteer opportunities that are out there. 

Her hobbies or interests outside of work are: 

Outside of work you can usually find me at the gym, running, or at HYPE events. I love to do anything physically active - especially running, waterskiing, and tennis. My love for running started post college and I've done a few half marathon and 5k races, and maybe someday I will attempt at running a marathon. 

This past summer, I spent a lot of time volunteering for a 501c-3 non-profit organization called Leaps of Faith, with their adapted water ski clinics. Also, I had the opportunity to learn and grow in my waterskiing abilities, always being challenged to learn a new skill. 

In addition to my active lifestyle, I love antique shopping and doing DIY repurposing projects for my home. 

What she loves about Hartford and this region: 

Funny to say, if you asked this same question to me back in 2009-2012, I would have been completely puzzled in coming up with a decent response. In 2012, I moved out of my small hometown and moved down to VA for I thought I had experienced all that CT had to offer. 

Having since moved back to CT, I am thankful for being involved in HYPE, for it has and continues to open my eyes to all that the Hartford region has to offer. I have been to countless amazing restaurants and different events I would have likely never discovered. I realized that it's not that CT had nothing ever going on, it's that I wasn't looking in the right places. 

Although CT is small, I certainly don't have to move out of state or to a major city like Boston to go on new adventures and meet new people. Everyday there's something different and fun to do in the area, no matter what one's interests are. 

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