Member of the Month

R.C. Thornton

April 2013 Member Spotlight

HYPE Member Since:  2012

Employer: RCJ Creative Group.

Industry/Job Title:  Web Marketing / Branding  (President)

What he does: I am working on multiple entrepreneurial projects, which I got into after deciding to “do my own thing” after graduating. My main work falls in my web marketing and development business, which is a great way to meet awesome people (especially small business owners) and to build a network. A number of other projects include working with a team of programmers on a web app, blogging (check it out at, and other online ventures.

I’m not sure I’d recommend “entrepreneurship” to everyone: it’s been a grueling and headache-inducing process. But the work I’ve done and the things I’ve learned in the process have been amazing, and I’d be glad to share my experience with anyone and is considering doing something similar.

Future Aspirations: I want to continue to build my business and meet other excellent people along the way!

Oh, and I want to keep working with HYPE to expand its reach to Hartford-area entrepreneurs!

My hidden talent: I know Mandarin Chinese fairly well (I’ve gotten rusty recently)…which is a 很有用的技能。

Contact Info: