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Rachael E. Succo

December 2011 Member Spotlight

HYPE Member Since: 2008

Employer: ALD Vacuum Technology

Industry/Job Title: Customer Support Service Coordinator

What she does: ALD Vacuum supplies vacuum furnace systems for vacuum metallurgy and heat treatment purposes (turbine coating in aviation is an example) and I provide all the post-sales support for spare parts sales as well as general customer service.  ALD is based out of Hanau, Germany and the US Sales office in East Windsor only has 4 employees in it so even though I report directly to the president due to his travel schedule I am on my own a great deal of the time.  This job has really honed my autonomy and self-motivation skills as all of the revenue we make in spare parts sales and the relationship-building with our customer base is my responsibility alone with minimal field support.  It’s challenging and exhilarating and I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Future Aspirations: Well first, I’ve only been at my job since August 2011 so in the immediate future my first professional goal is to continue my crash course on the vacuum and metallurgical industry and maybe try to learn conversational German so I can communicate better with the Spare Parts Division at ALD GmbH.  All kidding aside though my co-workers and customers have all been extremely generous and patient with the steep learning curve this job came with.  I’ve also been working with our controller to implement more contemporary business practices I learned as part of my MBA course work and once 2012 starts I will be on the road for customer site visits as well as a trip to Germany to tour the factory and meet the team out there.  Here’s hoping they buy the American New Girl a beer even if I did miss Oktoberfest.

In Her Own Words: I got involved with HYPE because I’ve only worked for small companies so it’s been difficult to meet and mingle with other young professionals in Hartford.  In the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to get to know some of the smartest, hard-working, inspiring group of people who share a common goal to make Hartford an awesome and fabulous place to live and work in.  My involvement with the Events Committee provided me some with wonderful opportunities to give back to the community and I’m thrilled with the development of the Community Involvement Committee in the coming year.  HYPEsters are known for their generosity, their compassion and their dedication to make the world a little bit better every day – I can’t wait to see what they do next!

Contact Info: or 860-944-1316

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