Member of the Month

Rachel Santacroce

April 2015

Name: Rachel Santacroce

Age: 22

HYPE Member Since:  2014

Employer: The Governor’s Prevention Partnership

Industry/Job Title:  Communications & Social Media Coordinator

Committee Member On:  Vice Chair of Social Events Committee

What she does for work: As the Communications & Social Media Coordinator I am solely responsible for my organization’s social media presence and image. I also handle most of the day to day internal communications needs of the different departments as well as work on getting news coverage for The Partnership and increase public awareness of the issues we focus on through various public relations efforts. My favorite part of my job is getting media coverage for the prevention efforts going on throughout the state. Through my position I am able to increase public awareness about mentoring, underage substance abuse and safe school climate issues as well as shed light on some pretty awesome prevention programs in Connecticut.

Her favorite thing about HYPE: My favorite thing about HYPE is the welcoming, positive quality of the organization. When I first joined I was nervous because I did not know anyone yet but I was immediately welcomed and made to feel comfortable. HYPE is an excellent place to make professional connections, but some of my closest friends in Hartford I met through HYPE to me that has been the most valuable aspect of my experience.  

​Where she sees herself in 5 years: In 5 years I hope to still be working at The Governor’s Prevention Partnership in a more senior level position. I really enjoy working for a nonprofit so I don’t see myself leaving that area of work. In 10 years I hope to have my masters completed and leading the communications department of a nonprofit organization while hopefully starting a family of my own!

​What she loves about Hartford: I grew up in Manchester, so I’m pretty familiar with the greater Hartford region but ever since I moved to Hartford I completely fell in love with the city. I was completely awed by the amount of innovative and creative things happening within the city. My favorite thing about Hartford is the fact that there is an almost constant feeling of progress and improvement. The citizens of Hartford are motivated to make this city the best it can possibly be and it is very exciting to be around.

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