Member of the Month

Ryan Baldassario

March 2019

Employer: University of Connecticut School of Business

Job Title: 
Program Administrator: Full-time MBA Program

Committee Member On: Civic Engagement Committee

What does he do for work: 
My day to day role entails supporting graduate business students earn their degrees. While I don’t have a background in business myself, I have a background in higher education and student affairs, so I feel confident in dealing with the curve balls that higher education programs seem to throw at their staff on a weekly basis. I coordinate orientation, academic advising, social programming, case competitions, faculty course scheduling, experiential learning opportunities, graduation ceremonies, and whatever else I can fit into my daily schedule. I joke with my students that, “I got my Master’s so I could help them get their own,” and being able to support adult learners at UConn and build professional networks in higher education makes the long days worth it.

Where he sees himself in 5 to 10 years: 
In 5 years I hope to be leading an academic program or office at a higher education institution or another institution within the public domain. If I can still sneak my way into the front of a classroom from time to time, yet have a say in the strategic planning of a program, I’d consider that balance a small victory. 10 years from now, if I’m still in public service, I hope I would have found a means to balance my work responsibilities and passions with a young family in tow – and would consider looking into serving in some capacity in local public office should the opportunity arise.

What he loves about Hartford and the region: 
Growing up I always thought to myself, “What would it be like to work in Hartford?” I pictured being at the capital, and after interning at the LOB as an undergrad at CCSU I knew that I could find a professional home in Hartford should a window open. I’m excited to get the opportunity to help UConn expand its imprint in this city, to be involved with groups like HYPE, and between these multiple outlets continue to find ways for students and young professionals to get more acquainted with and personally invest in this city. Also, I’m a frequent flyer to local CT breweries, so I’m happy to support the city one pint at a time at Hanging Hills, Hog River, Hooker, and beyond.

His favorite thing about HYPE: 
I appreciate the amount of folks I get to meet from different industries. My entire professional career to date has been within public institutions – whether I was in higher education or supporting local government offices – so I’ve never been exposed to many environments in the private or non-profit space. At Get HYPEd or Civic meetings, or any number of fundraising events like Tee It Up, I enjoy getting to meet people whose way of professional life can be so far different from my own, yet we can still bond over common interests.

His hobbies and interests outside of work: 
I am an avid ultimate Frisbee player, and am currently the President of Connecticut Ultimate Club (CUC), an organization that runs a variety of adult, youth, and high school programs across the state. I dabble with running and may try to take a shot at a marathon… but with a few brewery visits and dents & dings from ultimate games that may be an uphill battle.

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