Member of the Month

Ryan O'Halloran

January 2014 Member Spotlight


Age:  29

HYPE Member Since:

Employer: KNOX, Inc.

Industry/Job Title: Advancement and Marketing Director

What he does: I ensure the organization has the resources and reputation necessary to do what's in the best interest of Hartford. My job came out of a desire to serve. I was finishing my degree in Policy Analysis, had a lot of free time, and someone at UConn asked me to go help KNOX out. Five years in, the organization has doubled its budget and now has the resources to take on projects desperately needed by the people we serve. In five more years, I hope we're big enough to give the entire city a green facelift.

Future Aspirations:
I plan to run for office and write a novel by the end. I also put stock in being a good friend.

Fun Fact About Ryan: I am superstitious and default to "karma management" when making decisions. This includes only carrying golf balls in my left pocket, shaving on certain days, and... that's enough to publish on the internet.

Contact Info: