Member of the Month

Shannon Mumley

October 2020

Employer and Job Title: Hartford Chamber of Commerce. Director of Small Business Development 

What she does for work: I work for the small businesses here in Hartford! Its an amazing job to be able to be the liaison for small businesses when they have a need. During the pandemic it has been especially important to support them. Working with so many organizations and businesses who care about small businesses in Hartford has made this one of the best positions I've had.  


What she loves about the Hartford region: There is so much opportunity here in Hartford. For anyone that has an idea or dream there is space to implement it here in Hartford. When you take the time to look around there are groups of people who are excited to meet you and support you. My life changed when I moved to Hartford and I’ve never felt more connected to a community then I have here in Hartford. 

Her hobbies and interests outside of work: Well with COVID, my interests had to “pivot.” since most of them were with groups of people like WAKA Kickball. Now it's more adventure sports like hiking/camping, kayaking and surfing. I tried to find activities that brought me outside to enjoy the beauty of nature that I could do solo or with a limited number of people. 

One thing I did start doing is hosting a parade in my neighborhood in the WEST End. Called the WEST END WIZBANGER, its to support our small businesses which is a passion and bring entertainment to our neighborhood by hiring a small 3 - person marching band. We had our neighbors enjoy dinner from their favorite neighborhood restaurant from their yards as the band marched by! 


Again, Hartford has a lot to offer when you open your imagination and put in a bit of work.  

Her non-profit board or group involvement: I am searching for a non-profit board to sit on. Now, I support the Leadership Greater Hartford Marketing and Alumni committees, Achieve Hartford and KNOX.