Member of the Month

Stella Szantova Giordano

March 2015

Stella Szantova Giordano

Age: In the vicinity of 30

HYPE Member Since:  2014

Employer: Murtha Cullina

Industry/Job Title:  Litigation Associate

Committee Member On:  Vice Chair of Community Involvement Committee

What she loves about Hartford: When I was a summer associate at my firm, one of the partners took us on a 3-hour walking tour of Downtown. I knew nothing about Hartford at that time, and he pointed out beautifully and historically significant buildings, the cemetery, the Atheneum, the waterfront, and had amazing stories about the history of the city and its neighborhoods. That is when I realized there was more to Hartford than meets the eye. The longer I work here, the more I discover new hidden gems and unique things about the city…it continues to surprise me, and I love that!

Her favorite thing about HYPE: I have met amazingly talented, inspiring, and just flat-out lovely people through HYPE. I generally spend a lot of time around other lawyers, but HYPE has given me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and from completely different backgrounds. Plus, I love the energy of the members: they have such full and interesting lives, yet they still find time to be involved. That makes me want to be around them even more.

Her hobbies/interests outside of work:
I love theater-I have seen more plays than I can count. I love good food, and I’m always open to trying new flavors and new ingredients. I have a weakness for shoes, and I collect vintage silk scarves. But my true passion is cake-that is one thing I could never live without.​

What she would do if someone gave her 1 million dollars: I would take a trip around the world, and keep traveling until the money ran out, whether it took three months or three years. What is money good for if you can’t spend it on something truly worthwhile?

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