Member of the Month

Stephanie Berman

January 2018

HYPE Member Since: 2016

Partnership for Strong Communities

Job Title: Executive Assistant

Committee Member On: Personal and Professional Development and Vice Chair of Social Events

Her hobbies outside of work:
I’m definitely a pop culture junkie! I love to watch as many TV shows as I can, see my favorite musicians live in concert, and attend Comic Con events to meet my favorite celebrities. I travel as often as I can, visiting Italy, England, France, Mexico, and Canada over the last couple of years. I also love to read, bake, dance, collect and play board games, and spend time with my cats.

Her favorite thing about HYPE is:

I joined HYPE shortly after I started working in Hartford, and being a member has not only allowed me to learn more about the region but to have a better appreciation for it. I love that HYPE offers so many different opportunities to young professionals. I’ve been a HYPE member for just over a year, and I’ve already been able to network with incredible people, experience new things and visit new places, share ideas and help plan events through committee membership, and take on a leadership role. It’s rare to find an organization that allows members to do so much in such a short amount of time.

Other groups or boards she sits on:
I am an active volunteer and a newly-appointed head dog trainer at Our Companions Animal Rescue. Every Monday night I work the “tuck-in” shift at their sanctuary in Ashford, where I’m responsible for feeding all of the cats, giving them their medicine, cleaning up, and giving all the kitties play time and snuggles before they go to bed. On Sunday mornings I teach dog training classes at OC’s program center in Manchester, where we use positive reinforcement to improve the canine / human relationship. I’m a huge animal lover, so working with this organization is incredibly rewarding!

If someone gave her one million dollars she would: 

If someone gave me one million dollars, I’d pay off all of my student loans and any debt my family members have. Being in debt is stressful, so it would be nice to start fresh! Next, I would save/invest a large portion so that I’d never have to worry about money in the future. Practical things aside, I’d buy a nice house and furnish it with anything and everything I like. I’d love to buy some art, maybe a Picasso or a Garfunkel. I’d also take a long vacation, where I’d travel around Europe and then safari in Africa. Any money left would be donated to animal-related charities. I might even consider opening my own animal shelter!

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